Influential books

Recently I wrote a post about how sometimes the difference between first and second place, the difference between success and failure is so small is is barely noticeable but it is indeed there. The post was inspired by the book “212 – The Extra Degree” by Sam Parker. This got Continue Reading →

Ten Crack Commandments and business today

I am a big fan of the Tropical MBA podcast. This week on Episode 50 they opened they podcast with a segment I thought was brilliant where they took the Ten Crack Commandments from Notorious B.I.G. and showed how they still hold true today for those of us who do Continue Reading →

Are there no original ideas left?

I have three ideas for projects that are not entirely original ideas though I am certain will prove to be very successful and profitable. Yet it makes me wonder is it really necessary to be entirely original? If someone has already invented something, does that mean there is no room Continue Reading →

Special Delivery Instructions on pizza boxes

I keep hearing about people usung the pizza special delivery instructions box demanding their pizza orders be delivered with special request drawings on the box. I have even heard the demands of poems or haikus to be on the box at the time of delivery. I have heard of people Continue Reading →