The Breastaurant is my kryptonite

Brenna and I went to the M Casino and Resort the other night to watch some Chicago Bears football and the girls serving the food and drink at the 32* Draft Bar where all dressed in referee uniforms. Difference from the referees officiating the game being these where super low cut and accented with a push up bra.

breastaurant hooters 2 girls breasts

Photo courtesy of Hooters Facebook page

In the story of Superman, kryptonite, a mineral from the planet Krypton drains Superman of his strength. In modern culture kryptonite has become a reference to an individual’s perceived weakness, irrespective of its nature.

The Breastaurant is my kryptonite

Whenever I get in these situations like with the girls in the referee uniforms at the sports bar, I always turn into super polite guy and go to extra effort to make sure my eyes stay above the neckline while hoping I have chosen the best deodorant I could. Brenna says it is cute how awkward I get. It is a weird thing too in that I am never sure if I am supposed to look or not. I mean they are just girls at work trying to make a buck but… they are dressed in such a way it is kind of hard not to notice right? I am sure when they dress like that their tips go up so they must do it on purpose.

The Dawn of the Breastaurant

breastaurant twin peaks 3 girls at door breasts

Photo courtesy of Twin Peaks Facebook page

According to Wikipedia a breastaurant is “a restaurant that has sexual undertones, most commonly in the form of large-breasted, skimpily-dressed waitresses and barmaids and double-entendre brand name.” The article goes on to say term ‘breastaurant’ dates from around the early ’90s, which is about the same time Hooters, which is generally considered the first breastaurant, started gaining its popularity. There are many restaurants with this style including Tilted Kilt, Twin Peaks, Bone Daddy’s, Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill, Blondies, Mugs & Jugs, Café Teaze and Heart Attack Grill. In October 2012, Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill successfully registered the term “breastaurant” as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

I always wonder about these girls that work at a place like this. Do they feel objectified? They must be there voluntarily so they are certainly not being exploited as it is their choice. If they do not like the uniform they can leave. Maybe they make better tips showing what they got as opposed to working at Applebee’s or IHOP or some other ‘family restaurant’. If only there was a way to know what these girls are thinking. Fortunately there is. I found a sort of interview with a girl who works at Twin Peaks which is a popular ‘breastaurant’. She went on Reddit and hosted a session of Ask Me Anything or AMA. On AMA the person hosting fields questions from folks online who are allowed to ask the host anything they like. Some of the answers were pretty interesting. You can read them here. I did not read the whole session, yet in my scanning of the Q&A session a few things caught my eye. She did say that her tips were higher there than most other places she could work. She also talked about her job responsibilities and what is required of her. It seems she is hired as an ‘entertainer’ and as such she can be required to meet certain physical appearance standards. Interesting.

So should I look or not?

breastaurant twin peaks 1 girl breasts

Photo courtesy of Twin Peaks Facebook page

I was working by myself at the bakery the other day and as such I got to interact with the customers who came in to pick up their cakes and treats we had made for them. I rarely get to do this as I am usually busy baking and we have a counter person for that. One particular girl came in wearing a sundress and nothing more. At one point she bent over to write something on a paper at counter level giving me a full and clear view of her breasts. Obviously this is not the appropriate time to look right? Of course I don’t know if she meant to do this but I can not be sure and so of course I go into Eagle Scout mode and quickly turn my head and subtly shift my position so as not to look. This is different than the girls at Tilted Kilted and the other breastaurant type establishments. Generally with girls in public if a guy looks he is called a pig. Not supposed to look. But the girls are showing so… Then there is the argument that they have a right to look sexy without being objectified. I just don’t know what to do.

It is a different environment at a breastaurant though. It seems to me the whole point of the breastaurant is the objectification of these women. Don’t get me wrong. I like boobs. Most of them at least. Natural. Enhanced. Big. Small. (especially small) It’s all good. I just feel weird when they are just right out there as the main focal point.

And these types of establishments are becoming increasingly popular as is evidenced by the growth of Bombshells, a restaurant chain where the waitresses wear crop tops and bullet belts. Bombshells is ready to take over America, thanks to the rise of the “breastaurant” and the election of Donald Trump. The military-themed sports bar and restaurant chain is preparing to expand from four locations in Texas to up to 100 restaurants across the country by 2021. (Read more about Bombshells in this Yahoo article and visit their website.)

breastaurant tilted kilt las vegas breasts vitalvegas

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I am interested in what people think. Are you supposed to enjoy the view with these girls? And I don’t just mean the ones who work at the breastaurant. What about the girl at the bar in the referee uniform? Or the cocktail waitress? I am interested in what you fellas and ladies think.

Share your thoughts in the comments. Would love to hear from you.

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49 Replies to “The Breastaurant is my kryptonite”

  1. To look or not to look, that is the question? In my opinion you can look all you want as long as you don’t get caught 😉

    When talking to women who are showing their wares it’s important to make eye contact rather than cleavage contact. It’s not an easy task I know, but it is the safest one.

    As for the girl that bent over, I would have had a good look. How would she know as she’s otherwise occupied. 😉
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  2. We could have Troy. I haven’t been to any. Years ago I did go to a topless bar or two. Our work even took as to a topless restaurant for a product night. Something funny had that night too. One of the guys asked for a new butter bowl. When the waitress asked him what the problem was with his he told her that her nipple was in it 😀

    They trialled a topless hairdresser once but that never took off.
    Peter recently posted…Blonde Sports JokeMy Profile

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  4. Hey Troy! Interesting article!

    I often thought these breastaurants were more for men so they could look. And not to judge anyone but my thought of the women/girls that work there must be confident about their bodies enough to dress in the skivies and allow me to drool. Just my 2 cents. But, to look or not? I would think that is up to the man. Some may feel awkward especially if they are with a female significant other. Others, if with their man friends, may think it perfectly acceptable.

    To each his own?
    Bren Lee recently posted…Why Do We “Fake” It?My Profile

  5. hhhmmm, I have no idea if there’s something like this in UK, I don’t usually eat in restaurants because my wife love’s to cook, and I love eating what she cooks, that’s why I don’t know if there’s something like this.

  6. Not looking, or even awkwardly staring, would be a struggle for any guy around such dressed girls. It often feels like something is literally pulling your eyes one direction (wherever your kryptonite is) while you’re straining to pull them the opposite direction. It’s a tug of war between you and yourself.

    If you can’t resist then I’m afraid the best way to keep your decency is to simply stay away from breastaurants.
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    Let me know.
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  8. Brilliant, stumbled upon this article randomly, had a few laughs. I do indeed consider my kryptonite to be the brestaurant but in this day an age, we try to encourage people to be proud of their body regardless of shape and size and as such, look on brother it’s all fair game!