Cat videos

This is the page where people who like to have fun and who have a sense of humor hang out.

Everyone likes funny cat videos right? Here are some for you to enjoy.

You’re welcome.

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    • Thank you for the heads up. According to the folks at TubePress, the plugin we use to share the YouTube videos, “On April 20, 2015, YouTube will officially shut down version 2 of their API on favor of version 3. TubePress 4.1.0 is the first version that supports version 3 of their API. This means that anyone running any older version of TubePress and showing YouTube galleries on their site will experience a severely broken TubePress installation. Vimeo users are OK for now, although Vimeo is also undergoing a massive upgrade to their API.
      We aren’t giving you as much notice as we would’ve liked, and for that we sincerely apologize. Version 3 of the YouTube API was, for quite some time, not nearly as reliable as version 2 and it has been undergoing constant change. Even in some areas of the documentation of version 3, Google still refers to it as an “experimental API.” So we waited and waited for things to settle down and they never really did. Couple that with the fact that the new API isn’t as well suited for TubePress’s purposes, and hopefully you can understand why we waited as long as we did to update our code.”
      But as you can see, I got everything fixed now and you can enjoy some funny cat videos.
      Thanks again.
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  1. Nice videos especially the first one
    thanks for sharing it :).
    I loved that fun conversation between cats “my life sux” “and mine too” 😀
    I’d like to add one of them to my blog.

  2.’s very funny cat compilations…, with this video..take a rest a while from a busy day..Thanks buddy..keep bring us such a fresh video or informations…

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  6. Wow this is very interesting. The Colombian fast food chain is somewhat similar to American fast food, but it looks to have more character. We eat with our eyes, right? It does look a bit messy and not something you can eat on the road, though, haha. Are the french fries baked?

  7. yes your compilation are nice… Its eyecatching… thanks alot
    One thing I always think about to create videos but still I am confuse to make a video like yours.
    Can you please help me out…

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  11. The two cats in the second video are so cute, my cats talk to each other all the time and it never gets old! Seeing how they bond is really interesting because cats aren’t generally pack-mentality animals like dogs might be but they do find strong bonds with some other cats (and humans).
    I loved watching these kinds of videos, what a great way to pass the time.

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