Enjoy your here and now

I went over to our sister bakery to deliver some items that I had baked. Just before I was to leave I asked one of my coworkers if she could make a coffee drink for me for the road. She asked if I wanted anything special in it and if I wanted it hot or iced. I learned long ago not to look a gift horse in the mouth and I said, “No, just whatever you think is tasty.” She asked if I wanted a large or small and I learned long ago not to be too greedy so I said a small would be fine. She said, “It’s hot out there. You will get a large iced.”

On my way home I was sipping my delicious coffee drink and about halfway through I realized that soon my drink would be gone. For a moment that made me sad as I was really enjoying the drink. This got me to thinking that what I really should be doing is not worrying about the future so much. I should be enjoying the drink. I should really be enjoying the here and now.

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This is why it is hard for me to read books. I realize that after I finish the book I will never have a chance to read that book for the first time again. Or if I purchase a bottle of Vegemite or some other item that I’ve always wanted to try sometimes it will just sit in the cabinet because I worry that it will be gone someday and I will no longer have it to enjoy. The irony of that is that I’m not enjoying it at all as it is just sitting in the cabinet.

It reminds me of the story of the lady who had a very lovely dress and she said that someday she would wear it. She was waiting for a special occasion to do so. That occasion turned out to be her funeral.

I challenge all of you, as I am going to challenge myself, to start enjoying the here and now more. My girlfriend always reminds me that it is the journey not the destination. I think she is partially correct. We must be thinking about the destination otherwise there really is no journey. But she’s also right in the fact that we really need to enjoy the journey. We need to stop and smell the roses. We need to enjoy the here and now.

What is it you have been saving for a ‘special day’? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear your story.

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  1. Hey Troy, firstly mate Vegemite doesn’t come in bottles, it comes in jars. Secondly, I’m amazed that you can buy Vegemite from Amazon!!!

    Have you ever tried it? If you haven’t and you’re planning to give it a go there’s a wrong way and right way of eating it. The wrong way is to treat it the same you do your jelly (jam?). The right way is to use it sparingly on your toast with butter. 😉
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    • Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. For some reason your comment went to spam which I check only ever so often.
      I stand corrected. My Vegemite is in a glass jar. According to http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-the-difference-between-a-jar-and-a-bottle.htm “Jars and bottles are distinguished by their openings. A jar has a wide mouth, typically of the same width of the jar or very close to it. A bottle, on the other hand, has a neck which is much narrower than the body of the bottle, with a lipped mouth to facilitate pouring without spilling.”
      Oh noooooo… That is duplicate content. The Google Police are gonna come and get me. LMAO! Not even worried. That is not duplicate content by definition. But back to Vegemite…
      Ok, I appreciate your clueing me in on the proper usage. I think I would have put it on a roll or bread slice in the same fashion as jelly or jam so I am glad you caught me before I did.
      Oh, and I bought the Vegemite from a local shop called International Marketplace that specializes in imported goods. But yeah, it is cool you can find it on Amazon.
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  2. Strangely enough, I usually do enjoy my moment at the time. Especially when it’s related to food, desserts or a particularly good drink of something. When I go to a movie and I enjoyed it a lot, I can let go because I know that soon I can have it and that I won’t have remembered every single thing that happened, so it’ll be new in that regard. 🙂
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  3. You only live once and you must enjoy your life right now, dont stress too much for the future.
    Reach your destination and find your best life of moment.

  4. Thanks for this post. Great reminder as the new year rolls out that life is too short and I need to live in the moment.

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