Resumes are useless these days

Anne Anne hathaway brokeback mountain Hathaway lied to director Ang Lee to get the role on Brokeback Mountain. Her character needed to ride a horse and she could not but told Ang Lee she could. She got hired and on set it quickly became very obvious she had no idea what she was doing. At one point she fell off the horse. Her lie was exposed. Despite the fact she lied on her resume to get what became her break-out role, she went on to win an Oscar in 2013 for Les Misérables.

I went to an interview recently and handed my cover letter and resume package to the hiring manager and he tossed it aside saying he rarely even looks at resumes since so many people lie on it anyway these days. I do not. In fact my cover letter used to state “I will not waste your time with made up credentials and experience like other candidates will. My six years in the U.S. Army (Aviation Branch) taught me integrity and honor if nothing else.”

It is a sad days when you have to tell someone you are NOT lying to them since they assume everyone already is.

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  1. Lying begets more lies which I think is emotionally exhausting. I would rather stick to the truth, it always sets you free!

  2. The truth will always set you free. and again a lie can not stand on its own, it needs to be supported by another lie, but truth stands on its own. I would speak the truth and safe myself the mess of looking for a lie to support that which i wrote.. thank you though for the update. i love it

  3. When you speak a lie, in the next minute you cant phrase it the way you said coz it gos away and looks for another for back-up. Lets steak to what is true. Its enlightening.

  4. Not everyone lies, it’s too easy to catch people put these days! A seasoned recruiter will tend to have a nose for it anyway. Rather than lie, go out there and achieve what it is you want to include on your CV.

    I’m pleased to read you’ve removed that quote from your cover letter.

    • Thank you Claire. In USA we use the word ‘resume’ yet I know what a CV is but did not know what it meant. Thanks to Google I just learned CV means ‘curriculum vitae’ or “path of life.”
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  5. I think it will be impossible to catch all people who lie on their resume, especially those who quantify their achievements. If someone inflates their accomplishments, there’s no way to verify the authenticity of those statements. I think people who lie on their resume will generally get found at the interview.

    • One would hope so. I just learned that Robert Irvine lied to investors to get them to finance his television show. He said he cooks for U.S. presidents and made Prince Charles’ and Lady Diana’s wedding cake.
      In today’s modern information age it should be pretty easy to catch people lying.
      Thank your comment and opinion. I appreciate you and your taking your time to share with us.
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  6. Troy, the substantive point you are making is the demise of integrity as a value. I suspect you are not saying one shouldn’t bother to prepare a resume, and it is certainly not true that most HR managers really do not care for resumes. The fact is there are more and more persons who won’t bat an eye about padding up their resumes. In a world of shrinking jobs and escalating costs of living integrity is sacrificed on the altar of expediency.

  7. Hello Troy, I think it is impossible to catch all the people who lie on their resume and add fake things on their resume. Fake achievements can cause a bad effect on the overall work of a particular organisation. A proper verification must be done to avoid any fake resumes.

  8. One of my friend always added fake experiences in his CV since 2015 but recently in 2017 he caught by an HR professional. then, he insulted infront of huge candidate. That’s why I never every try to tell anything fake in my CV. I am doing a job. Anyway, Troy, thank you so much for this issue.