Sexual double standards

I went to the club last night to see The Paul Charles Band and something got me to thinking. There are obvious sexual double standards in American society. Oh sure I live in Las Vegas and can only really speak for what I see here but since a very large and diverse population of Americans come to Las Vegas I get to see what must be a fair representation of what is also going on in Des Moines or Witchita. Perhaps these sexual double standards are happening throughout the entire world. It must be.

party girls hug las vegas clubbing a sexual double standards

What am I talking about? Perhaps you have seen it too? At the clubs and elsewhere I see girls of all ages openly touching and even groping each other the way lovers might. Ok, before you say that maybe they are lovers, it is often even groups of girls. You never see guys acting this way. You never see a guy walk up to his friend and two hand grab his friend’s butt. I understand that may be the case in gay clubs and what not but we are talking here about just anywhere. It could be at any club or party any place.

party girls hug c las vegas sexual double standards

One thing is for sure if I grabbed the ass of my friend Michael Johns or started grinding on him like I see these girls do, I believe the next thing I would expect is a broken nose and a broken friendship. This sort of behavior would only be acceptable with my gay male friends.

I just don’t know what it is or when this started. It seems like it is ok for two or more girls to carry on in these pseudo (?) lesbian escapades but as soon as two guys do it, it is somehow taboo or unacceptable. It is sexual double standards driving this behavior.

party girls hug las vegas clubbing b sexual double standards

Not sure how I feel about it. On one hand I couldn’t care less really. What ever someone or two or more people want to do to feel good and as long as it is not hurting anyone then I should be and am ok with it really. But what about equality? Why are these sexual double standards in place? It should be that guys are allowed to act like this too. Yet for some reason it is still not ok. Male on male affection is still seen by main stream society as taboo. I think everybody agrees that men and women are indeed different and yet every one must agree that there should somehow be equality. Yet with these sexual double standards I see at the dance clubs and various places, I still do not see the equality in inter-gender relations.

Maybe someone could clue me in in the comments below.

UPDATE 2/23/2015

The headline in the Huffington Post today was –
Reese Witherspoon Grabs Jennifer Aniston’s Butt On The Oscars Red Carpet

What? Yes. the article said – “Aniston was in the middle of chatting with E! News’ Ryan Seacreast when the “Wild” star surprised her by playfully grabbing her butt as she walked by.”

Do you think that would have happened between to actors? Probably not. Just saying.

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  1. Hey Troy, I’m sure this isn’t the only case where sexual double standards exist. I’ve personally never witnessed it but then it’s been decades since I’ve been to a club.

    Having said that are you sure men aren’t allowed to act in this way? Perhaps they are we just have more sense that all those women out there. Why would I grab another guys crotch or arse, even in jest? Honestly unless you’re gay men won’t do it, not because it would be frowned on but because we’ve got a lot more sense.

    Talk about grabbing someone’s crotch I reckon Paul Hogan did it best in a Crockadile Dundee movie 😀
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    • Thing is you do not hve to go to a club. It is all around. At the grocery store, the cinema, the park. Maybe it is an America thing?
      “Why would I grab another guys crotch or arse, even in jest? Honestly unless you’re gay men won’t do it, not because it would be frowned on but because we’ve got a lot more sense.” Yet… women and girls do it all the time. Look at the pictures in the post and imagine those are men. Hard to imagine eh? Yet girls are like this all the time.
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  2. Do you think maybe they’re doing it as another way of trying to turn us on or something? No wonder we don’t understand women. They’re just not logical and do the weirdest things. But we loves em all the same. 😉
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    • Uhm… Maybe. I think it goes deeper than that. I think it may be more about men are supposed to be macho leaders. That is the way it was even back in the caves. for men to hug and show affection to each other has never been as acceptable as it is between two women.
      Also, these days, things are more open and accepted so perhaps things are more exaggerated?
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  3. I think it’s more of a cultural double standard than a sexual one. You’re a young buck, but when I was a kid boys didn’t cry. We were told that, and I went from age 9 until age 42, the day my dad passed away, without crying. It wasn’t considered manly, and after I cried on that day, I cried all the time, and even now there are times where I might want to cry and I hear that old saw in my head and just refuse to do it.

    By the way, I wouldn’t try that with your gay friends either. There’s always this assumption that gay men are more like women and that’s not true the majority of the time. You might get your nose broken there as well. 🙂

    • Hmmm… Yes, I remember hearing ‘boys don’t cry’ as well and then there was the metrosexual revolution which changed that.
      Whether one calls it a ‘cultural’ or ‘sexual’ double standard, it certainly does exist. I think we can all agree on that.
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  4. I see this too. In the high schools, it’s now the height of cool to be bisexual or for girls to experiment. Yet I don’t see that with guys.

    • Thank you for stopping by Danielle and for leaving your comment. It is interesting that this is going on in the schools as well. Hmmm.
      I am told it is the same in adult films. They tell me that in many, if not most, of the main stream, straight, porno films that there is at least one scene with two girls together but never a scene with just two guys.
      I may have to do some research.
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  6. Hey Troy! Wow, did this open a can of worms!

    Do you think it’s generational? I’m 46 and none of my friends, even during high school, fondled or groped one another. Well maybe a select few but that was in front of the boys to tease them. Personally, a think it’s inappropriate. What purpose does it serve other than to tease the men around them? Men get off on that kind of thing, no?

    As for men, in sports we see them hug or pat each other on their bums. I don’t think I’ve seen any groping, man/man, in my life unless they were homosexual and on tv.

    I prefer to keep the groping behind doors and not in public. Maybe I’m just a bit old school?
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  7. We are the same age. I am from Los Angeles which is sort of, well, not too conservative. I recall in high school (1985ish) none of this going on.
    I think maybe times have changed. I just saw a picture of a female coworker of mine and three of her female friends all standing front to back in a line posing for a picture and each had their hand on the others hip while the couple of men in the picture just stood there.
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    • I am saying look at the way girls interact with each other. In pictures, as in the ones I posted about, they will be all up next to each other. Guys, generally, will not be so touchy.
      You have heard of the guy hug right? Straight guys are to put each other on the back and pelvic regions no where near each other. Yet watch girls hug…
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  9. Even in my country i have seen people adopting this kind of behavior, from opinion this is not right at all. Well unfortunately am not a law maker

    • Really? So as I suspected, it is not just a thing in America. I figured not as times all over the world are changing. Probably because of the internet.
      Maybe one day you WILL be law maker. It all starts perhaps with a club or church or school and moves up from there…
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  10. I think it is their femininity that allows girls to be expressive toward one another to this level. Its a feminine thing… They don’t even have to be lesbian at all. They can kiss on the lips and walk holding hands and nobody will show much concern. To some extent, society has come to accept it common girlish behavior.
    Men behaving like this would be completely out of order. It is for the same reason that when it comes to gay or lesbian issues, we are more tolerant of female couples than male… which, at least for me, are quite unpalatable. So yes, there are double standards.

  11. The belief that women and men are held to different standards of sexual conduct is pervasive in contemporary developed world. According to the sexual double standard, boys and men are rewarded and praised for heterosexual sexual contacts, whereas girls and women are derogated and stigmatized for similar behaviors why?

  12. No wonder we don’t understand women. They’re just not logical and do the weirdest things. But we loves em all the same.

  13. Yeah well this is starting to become common practice around the world and especially here in Australia. Girls doing this seems to be ok but it looks odd when guys do it and you don’t ever see guys doing this anyway. Maybe in gay clubs but not just anywhere that’s for sure
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