Is American Red Cross racist?

american red cross racism racist

I think this world has finally lost it. Sometimes I just cannot believe the things that I see or read. Today it was brought to my attention that somebody called the American Red Cross out regarding a poster that they had printed up and distributed which was talking about pool Continue Reading →

I made The Inquisitr News

I have a bunch of Yahoo news alerts set up including one for the phrase ‘Troy Swezey’. As I was looking through them today I was a little surprised when one came up for my name. It looked something like this- “Search for the latest updates on “troy swezey” News Continue Reading →

12 People I Would Love to Have a Chat With

richard branson virgin

People. We need people in our lives. In fact as a form of punishment in prison they take a prisoner away from people and put them in isolation. There are all sorts of types of people in the world and some we are more attracted to than others for whatever Continue Reading →