Terrorism is never going away

I have been thinking about terrorism lately. I have been thinking that the terrorists are winning. I believe that they will win. Yet it is the words, and the subsequent actions, of people like Jesse Hughes that keep me hoping I am wrong. Jesse is in the band Eagles of Death Metal. You know, the band that was on stage when Bataclan was attacked. Jesse said, “I want to be the first band to play in the Bataclan when it opens back up, Our friends went there to see rock and roll and died. I want to go back and live.”

U2 was supposed to perform in Paris a night or two after the attacks but temporarily cancelled their show. U2 lead singer Bono, recently said about ISIL, “They’re a death cult. We’re a life cult. Life force.”

The Edge, guitarist for U2, said in the same interview, “… we think of music as the sound of freedom. We think that rock and roll has a part to play, and so going back to Paris, to us, is not just symbolic; I think we’re actually starting the process of resistance, as it were, and defiance against this movement.”

Bono cautioned the United States to be “very, very careful” in the response to ISIL, noting they are “not really after the lives. They’re not trying to take lives. They’re trying to take away our way of life. If they change the nature of the United States and the way people think and the pluralism and inclusiveness, then they win.”

Sadly, I believe he is wrong. I believe terrorists have the upper hand now and there is nothing the world can do about it.

Terrorism can be defined as the use of violence or the threat of violence, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of some goal. And so by “terrorists” I do not mean just those in ISIL, or as some call it, ISIS, but I mean any person or group who uses violence to try to prove a point, whether that is an individual or a small group or a large army.

(What is the difference between ISIS and ISIL? Find out here.)

I do not believe there will be another 9/11 style attack by outsiders, and where the World trade Center flag was stolen, or an Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing by our own citizens. No, there is no need for that. Just grab a bunch of guns and some home made bombs and some bullets and you are good to go. That is all you need. Easy stuff to acquire. Since it is so easy to obtain these items, acts of terrorism can happen any time and any place.

When I go to the movies or a concert or anywhere really, I find myself searching out the nearest exit, preferably one farthest from the entrance. At the movies they even play a video before the movie advising us to look for the closest exit and to report suspicious activity.

I have lived in countries where terrorism is a way of life. Where I had to check under my car for bombs and where my car was checked by guards before I could cross certain checkpoints. I have eaten at a restaurant less than 24 hours before an Islamic fundamentalist suicide bomber killed 13 people almost right in front of the restaurant. I have attempted to enter the Dizengoff Center shopping mall but was stopped by soldiers who demanded to check my backpack and papers. Two days later a Hamas suicide bomber kill or injured 143 people there. I have flown from Israel to Egypt on a plane that was guarded by a half dozen armed soldiers with big scary dogs. I am told it is now very difficult to be granted such passage. I was only allowed to get on the plane after being taken to a back room and interrogated for no less than half an hour. I have traveled several times in armed convoys. I have employed armed guards to travel with me. I have stayed at an embassy where there was a bulletproof vest by my bed and a grenade-deflecting net around the building.

But that was all over there in the Middle East, oh so very far away. No reason to worry about terrorism in the United States.

Not so. It is here. In the good ‘ol U.S. of A. Right here in our own neighborhoods. Boston. Oklahoma City. Columbine. San Bernadino. Orlando. The list goes on.

Sadly, I do not see it stopping.

Welcome to the new world.

terrorism terrorist

What do you think? Is the world a safe place to live? Do you feel safe when you go out? What are you doing to protect or prepare yourself?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

32 Replies to “Terrorism is never going away”

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  2. I think you are correct. Terrorism on US soil seems to be the new normal. I remember when I was a kid and had to read the world news for school projects, how crazy it was to read about suicide attacks, terrorists, and guerilla warfare.

  3. Terrorism, hmmm…..
    I don’t really know what’s on their mind. How can they think so harsh, sigh.
    Wherever we are, however it does, we have to be wary … 🙁

  4. I don’t see it ending, because it’s essentially impossible to stop. These people who are willing to die can always infiltrate the general populous somewhere… or the beliefs of someone who is already part f the general populous can be “turned”. Weapons in some form or fashion are everywhere. People will continue to give up their rights and freedoms on the false premise that they will be safer, only for us to be subject to more acts of terrorism. Proving that there cannot be safety. What are you willing to give up in the name of fear? What’s worse is when you don’t get to make that choice for yourself, because someone is making it for you. When someone is acting in your name in a collective response to that fear. That is when “they” really win.
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    • Good words Jeff. Thank you for your comment.
      I was just speaking with someone yesterday on this topic and he said, “Oh, I am not scared of terrorism. You can not live your life in fear.” I said, “I dunno. I mean I am always thinking about where the exit is and how I would get out of here if…” to which he replied, “Well, yeah, I do that too.”
      “That is my point. If you were not thinking about someone coming in here and shooting up the place, you would not be thinking about the exits right?”
      Troy recently posted…24 hours in DisneylandMy Profile

  5. terrorism plays a vital role to disestablished a society. It left bad effects on our mind and people can never forget that horrible moments of terrorism.

  6. It brakes my heart reading such negative prophecies.Where did the world go wrong?Why do we hate each other that much?When did religion became a tool for fighting against each other?

    • I think religion has been a tool for fighting against each other from basically the beginning of time. …That is if you believe in Creationism. Believe the Evolution like I do? Then really the answer is the same thing. Cavemen fought of food, shelter, women and everything else. I believe later, as we evolved and invented religion and ‘jealous gods’ and such, then there was the debate of who had the ‘true’ religion and who deservered the land their ‘true’ god said belonged to them.
      So see why it will never end?
      Troy recently posted…24 hours in DisneylandMy Profile

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  8. I don’t forget when i was a child and had to read the world news for school tasks, how crazy it turned into to read approximately suicide assaults, terrorists, and guerilla warfare

  9. I certainly hope that it does not become the new normal. I have always watched news reports of terror ridden places and valued that our police and infrastructure fends off such things. I know its becoming more occurring but there is a hopeful side that says there could be a day when we see an empowered system that can cut back on that stuff.

  10. A lot of people failed at what you accomplished, simply because they were busy finding problems while you were busy finding solutions. Well done.