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Shareholder primacy theory is bad for business

Shareholder primacy theory baffles me. Shareholder primacy is a theory in corporate governance holding that shareholder interests should be assigned first priority relative to all other corporate stakeholders. When you put the concerns of the shareholder over those of the employee or the customer, that just seems wrong to me. Continue Reading →

Artist Marina Abramović reunited with her former lover after 22 years apart

Marina Abramović

I have been thinking a lot lately about stuff. Of life, love and happiness. I have been thinking of what the past has taught me and what the future still will show me. Of having left and having arrived. I have been thinking about the past and dreaming of the Continue Reading →

What is a real woman?

real women little women l.a.

There has been a lot of talk lately questioning what a ‘real woman’ is. No one can really seem to agree. As there are many different types of women there are as many different definitions of what a ‘real woman’ is. There has been a lot of ‘skinny shaming’ and Continue Reading →