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Interesting stuff people buy on Amazon part 5
6 people I would love to chat with

Interesting stuff people buy on Amazon part 5

amazon prime

I have written in a previous post or two that I am an Amazon Associate on Amazon. The Amazon Associates Program is the leading selling program on the Internet, with hundreds of thousands of members. Very often, and especially during the recent holiday shopping season, people purchase some, uh, ‘random’ Continue Reading →

6 people I would love to chat with

Dwayne Johnson The Rock

A while back I wrote a post called “12 People I Would Love to Have a Chat With“. It was fun to write so I thought another go around would be nice though this time I am shortening the list to the 6 People I Would Love to Have a Continue Reading →

Living large in Hamburg…

trutti frutti star club the beatles hamburg germany

I was chatting with my friend Sasha and reminiscing about my time in Hamburg where he is currently visiting and I was trying to remember where it was I stayed. Having visited 20 countries, and many of them numerous times, really only a handful of hotels stick in my mind. Continue Reading →

Why I am quitting Facebook…sort of.

one does not simply quit facebook quitting facebook

I spend a good bit of time on Facebook scrolling through the news feed seeing what my ‘friends’ are up to. Recently I lightened up my ‘friends’ list by about 50% and this allowed me to scroll through the news feed and see more of what people I actually know Continue Reading →

Confessions of a former magic shop employee

magic shop cards hat wand mouse las Vegas troy swezey

I used to work at a magic shop. Many people who came in said, “Oh this must be the best job in the world. It looks like you must have so much fun here.” Sure sometimes we did have fun there but the bottom line is it is still a Continue Reading →