Negative ion power balance bracelet is a scam

Think about your job for a second… What do you do? Does it benefit mankind? Are you proud of what you do? Can you sleep well at night? In Buddhism we have something called the Noble Eightfold Path and within that is something called Right Livelihood. Right livelihood says we ought not to engage in trades or occupations which, either directly or indirectly, result in harm for other living beings. What are those?

  1. Business in weapons: trading in all kinds of weapons and instruments for killing.
  2. Business in human beings: slave trading, prostitution, or the buying and selling of children or adults.
  3. Business in meat: “meat” refers to the bodies of beings after they are killed. This includes breeding animals for slaughter.
  4. Business in intoxicants: manufacturing or selling intoxicating drinks or addictive drugs.
  5. Business in poison: producing or trading in any kind of poison or a toxic product designed to kill.

It also means being honest and ethical in business dealings, not to cheat, lie or steal. Ok so there are businesses where lying is part of the job e.g., acting, modeling, magicians. Yet many people actually cheat, lie or steal in their jobs when it is not required. What comes to mind immediately? Anyone else thinking used car salesman or auto mechanic? How about real estate sales? Let’s just go out on a limb and say almost, if not all, sales? Most organized religions?

This has been on my mind lately as I often pass by a kiosk selling these rubber bracelets that are ‘embedded with holograms’ or ‘imprinted at a frequency of 9Hz’ or ‘constructed with Negative Ions’ and can do any and all of the following:

  • Increase balance
  • Improve flexibility
  • Stimulate better circulation
  • Give clarity of thought
  • Boost stamina and sports performance
  • Improve overall well-being

negative ion bracelet power balance bracelet

Really? A rubber bracelet can boost my golf game? Oh yeah, and they are supposed to help arthritis and joint pain and migraines and a plethora of other ailments. I have heard a worker at one of the Advanced Technology kiosks say to a potential customer that if they were on medication they could lower their dosage. What? How dangerous is that? So this worker was telling the potential customer that she could lower her blood pressure mediation or whatever. Wow!

These workers claim the negative ion bracelets are endorsed by top doctors and surgeons world wide…including Dr. Oz. Well, that should tell you something right there.

Since the kiosk is in a mall inside a casino in Las Vegas, this same worker was even heard to say that with their negative ion bracelet “You can go out drinking tonight and you will not have a hangover in the morning.” Another salesman said it would bring luck on the casino gambling floor.

Wow. A wonder drug around my wrist. How come my doctor isn’t prescribing these negative ion bracelets to every single one of his patients?

Because negative ion bracelets are A SCAM!

My main man Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban knows it is a scam too. In a video posted to his YouTube account, Cuban spoke out about the junk science behind the bracelets, threw them into the trash, and asked the NBA what it could possibly have been thinking as the NBA has partnered with Power Balance who makes versions with all the NBA team logos. The NBA passed them out to the teams and asked all players to wear (promote) the bracelets…which the NBA sells for about $32.

Funny… Power Balance, even paid a $57 million out-of-court class-action settlement after consumers alleged rampant false advertising regarding the bracelets’ capabilities. That payment forced them into bankruptcy, but they’re still making them.

So how does it work? Why are the people duped? Watch Brian Brushwood from Scam School explain it in this video.

The workers at T Bands say the negative ions are mixed into the rubber in a big mixer and then formed into the bracelets. They say they negative ions then leak out of the bracelets and absorbed into your skin and into your blood stream and do their magic. They tell the customer their negative ion T Band Advanced Technology bracelets are so strong you do not even need to actually wear it but you can simply have it in your purse or pocket and the negative ions will still find their way into your blood stream.

What is funny is if you watch them performing the strength and balance tests, they are wearing the bracelets themselves while they touch the customer in such a way to demonstrate how weak or out of balance the customer is. But if you can have the bracelet in your pocket and it will work, why is it not working when the sales person is wearing one and actually touching the potential purchaser? On top of that, the sales person is always wearing the top of the line bracelet and since that one is the strongest version they have then it certainly should effect the strength or balance of the customer right?

They also say at T Band Advanced Technology that you can wear their negative ion bracelet for a while and it will “charge up” your body which is why you don’t see Tiger Woods wearing it while he plays golf.

How can the people working at these kiosks sleep at night? Maybe they believe the hype? Are they just blind and non-thinking sheep?  Not all of them. I asked one of the workers and he admitted he knows “it is all in their heads”. Yet he lies to each and every one of his customers.

There is a company that sells these pieces of garbage that used to be called Life Strength. Sounds an awful lot like the Lance Armstrong Foundation Live Strong. Coincidence? I think not.

Here is a video of Emery at Ardent Atheist “Exposing the Power Bands Scam”

The bottom line is all of these negative ion bracelets are a scam. They are nothing more than a trendy placebo effect. Whether they are made by Endevr, Life Strength, T Bands Advanced Technology or whoever else, the only person receiving any real benifit is the guy who owns the company and ripping off the consumer.

Many times I try to leave you with a challenge. Here it is-

I ask you, are you doing the right thing at your work and in your lives? Are you being honest with your customers? With your family and friends? With yourself? If not why not? Is your boss down your throat to make more sales? Are you gunning for that bonus if you beat the guys in the San Diego offices?

I challenge each of you to look at the way you carry yourself at work. I challenge you to be honest with your customers. So what if you don’t get all those silly Top Salesman plaques. Maybe, just maybe, you will sleep a little better at night and have a little respect for your work, yourself and your fellow man.

Maybe that will truly bring strength and balance to your life.

Do you wear these negative ion bracelets? Have you seen the demonstrations? What is your opinion? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

43 thoughts on “Negative ion power balance bracelet is a scam

  1. Hey Troy,

    I’ve never believed in that junk and wouldn’t waste my money on it. I also think it’s just in people’s heads and I’m not sure how people sleep at night especially those who are telling people they can take a lower dosage of medication because of what these wrist bands can do. That’s just wrong. I’m shocked the NBA actually partnered with them.

    I’ve always gone with honesty is the best policy and you just can never go wrong. Maybe people just don’t have enough faith in themselves that they have to rip people off in order to make money. Ah, all those get rich quick people I’m sure.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Easily Remove Broken Comment LinksMy Profile

    • You are preaching to the choir. It is terrible. Snake oil. It is that fix anything pill right? It is preying on the people who are too lazy to actually do the work. “You can improve your jump shot just by wearing this bracelet.” Really? How about just practicing more? I heard them say “You can go all night and be a better lover by wearing this bracelet.” Really? Again, how about just practicing more? 😛
      Thank you for visiting and for your thoughts and comments Adrienne.
      Troy recently posted…#945 When your dog is happy to see you returnMy Profile

  2. Whereas I think that, and anything with magnets, are major scams, truth be told there are people who swear by these things… kind of like religion, which you mentioned, without questioning any of it.

    For that matter, have you ever noticed that the people selling Metabolite and all those other food supplements in malls are all out of shape? Yet they believe in a product that hasn’t worked for them; go figure.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Your Speech Is Free, But Consequences Aren’tMy Profile

    • Same with these folks at this kiosk. The one heavy girl was saying once that she was heavy because she just had a baby…a year ago. So I am thinking…maybe she could have gone back to the gym or maybe the bracelet would speed her metabolism as she claims it does for every one else.
      The particular bracelets do not have magnets. They have molecules supercharged and infused into the plastic. Yeah, right.
      Troy recently posted…#944 Pimp my mixer Alton Brown styleMy Profile

  3. We bought my parents one each thinking it would help with their arthritis. Not that we believed it would but what the heck. Who knows, maybe it would have a placebo effect.

    Biggest pile of crapola ever! A while after we bought it there was a current affairs program that exposed it for what it was. Too little to late.
    Peter recently posted…Sports JokesMy Profile

    • The way the sales people pull this scam is pretty underhanded as described in the videos in the post. Not to mention some of the crap I have heard come out of their mouths. Almost criminal!
      What upsets me most is that the things they tell potential customers can actually kill someone.
      Troy recently posted…#944 Pimp my mixer Alton Brown styleMy Profile

    • Probably because no one complains. They have a no refund policy at T Bands Advanced Technology as far as I can tell. Plus how does one ‘prove’ these people say these things. If only the ‘Officials’ would investigate them and all these other companies.
      Troy recently posted…#949 German Chocolate CakeMy Profile

  4. I’m the biggest skeptic and cynic in the world and don’t believe much of anything. LOL I’ve never tried these “negative ion bracelets”, but I have tried copper and magnetic ones, based on a friend’s testimonial. She’s just as skeptical as I am, but swore they helped ease the arthritis in her fingers. Since I suffer from the same condition, I gave it a shot and much to my surprise, they really did seem to help, initially, but the effect eventually wore off. I know what you mean about sales people – they’ll tell you anything to make that sale. Disturbing when they offer non-expert medical advice. Interesting subject! Thanks for dropping by my site earlier. Have a good week.
    Debbie recently posted…BITCHES, BABES AND BROADSMy Profile

  5. Yes, these are a scam, but I would really like their marketing guys for my next project! They have people believing anything!

  6. Hey Troy, I am testifying as a user and Not a re seller of negative ion bands. The genuine bands with proven negative ion content, Really works with many health benefits, i, friends and family members tested it and have benefited from it in some many ways, improved circulation, improved energy, i feel fresher not to mention improved vitality.
    I am sorry, i have been researching this for some years and I Do Not agree with your statements and the video is a lame example which don’t proof its a scam. I hope my comments will be posted because people like you who is probably paid by someone to do this, takes so much time too prove scams when you your self is the big scammer. Your a scammer for lies and false information. Shame on you depriving people of health benefits. How do you sleep at night.

  7. Hi Troy My girlfriend and I are a couple of more recent victims of this negative ion bracelet scam. We just got back from Vegas (the common scene of the crime I gather from other posts) where we found ourselves at one of those kiosks – this company was called Pur Life. The charming and lovely young lady salesperson demonstrated the same stunts that you show on your video to convince us that these bracelets really produce the results that they promote ie improved balance and flexibility. So convinced by this woman who seemed so genuine and sincere that we bought not only bracelets for ourselves but for our husbands. My friend also in sales even asked the young lady – “you’re not lying are you?”. To which she of course replied no. She spoke of customers who had returned to hug and kiss her – so happy with the results. Either that was a lie or they were experiencing the placebo affect. I am as angry at myself as I am with her for being so stupid. Why didn’t I remember the adage – “if it seems to be too good to be true, It probably is”. I guess it’s the deceitful selling practices that you so exposed so well that really burns me as obviously that’s what convinced me. I would of rather fed all that money ( well over $300 Canadian) into a VLT – at least I would have had some fun. My husband won’t even wear the band I bought after I told him the whole truth and I am left with a very over-priced stainless steal bracelet. My advice is to check out the claims of any product before you buy. I have what my friend calls “Buyers Remorse” big time.

  8. Someone actually came to the for profit graduate school in marietta, GA selling these in the cafeteria about 2 years ago, with the permission of the school. I was foolish enough to buy one but not foolish enough to try and finish the very over priced and not worth it chiropractic program. If I was smarter I would have quit that school very fast, talk about a waste of time and money!!!!

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  10. Hi, my children told me about the negative ion bracelets. I was excited, because I work hard at trying to stay fit, healthy and live long. So I did some research, but apparently not enough, I’ve had the bracelet for a week and just saw your post. My husband and I where so excited about these bracelets that we wanted to sell them also, because we’ve got this thing about desperately wanting friends, family, even new people we meet to have a better way of life, therefore we want to share all we can, to help with their health issues. Lying is not how we want to be portrayed. Ever.
    So, I want to share what I have gotten from my bracelet, which was a buy 2 get one free deal. The freebie we gave to my 85 year old mother, who had difficulty sleeping, a cancer survivor who just retired in December from a full time secretarial job at her church. She’s sleeping better, hurt her foot, thought she wouldn’t be able to wear heals to Easter Service and she said after a good night sleep, she was able to wear her heals no problem. I’ve noticed she is more energetic, and she looks fresh, not the tired look I’ve seen in the past.
    My husband and I sleep lime a rock now. The pain in his leg has subsided, he said he feel more grounded. I feel younger, stronger, no anxiety, I have more endurance in working out, & overall I feel better, much less pain. My vocal/singing strength has improved. I am 62, working on my first cd and going on tour this summer.
    Could this be a placebo effect? If that’s all it is, well I will get my moneys worth out of this bracelet, but, because of your post we will not be selling them. If I can’t make a positive change in the lives of others, then I won’t make a change. Thank you for your most helpful post. Blessings!

    • To be sure, I believe in the Placebo Effect. That has been scientifically proven. So… If the bracelet is working for you for whatever reason, keep on it.
      Also, I applaud you for “…we’ve got this thing about desperately wanting friends, family, even new people we meet to have a better way of life, therefore we want to share all we can, to help with their health issues. Lying is not how we want to be portrayed. Ever.”
      You sound like good people.
      Thanks for reading this post and more importantly for taking the time to leave a very nice comment.
      Wishing you an AWESOME life!
      Troy recently posted…Life HacksMy Profile

  11. This is probably the most “it actually makes sense” kind of post I’ve seen on on this subject. Best part… I didn’t have to go digging through some weird web design to find it. Awesome! PLEASE keep posting new material!

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