7 Awesome Books That Changed My Life

couple reading book books tolle sleeping

Over the course of my life I have read a few books. Not a ton of them as I am a slow reader and there are other distractions and a ton of other ‘excuses’ yet there are a few books that have certainly had a huge impact on me and Continue Reading →


Why are some people super successful in life and others are not and the rest just sort of flounder along? I think it all comes down to desire and what we want out of life. Like the band U2 sang, “…And the fever…getting higher. Desire.” Yet sometimes desire can be Continue Reading →

Influential books

Recently I wrote a post about how sometimes the difference between first and second place, the difference between success and failure is so small is is barely noticeable but it is indeed there. The post was inspired by the book “212 – The Extra Degree” by Sam Parker. This got Continue Reading →