7 Awesome Books That Changed My Life

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Over the course of my life I have read a few books. Not a ton of them as I am a slow reader and there are other distractions and a ton of other ‘excuses’ yet there are a few books that have certainly had a huge impact on me and Continue Reading →

15 men who blog that you should be following

men who blog art of manliness

I am a big fan of blogs. I follow several that I read regularly and have them set up on my Feedly list so that with a visit to just one place I can get all my favorite reads collected for me. Blogs appeal to me in that they get Continue Reading →

Learn a new skill

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My good friend Michael sent me an article he found at Cracked.com yesterday entitled “6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person” by David Wong. You can read the whole article here. As usual I was really busy playing poker online and watching funny cat videos intently reading Continue Reading →

5 Things You MUST Do Every Morning

A while back Greg Greenway published a list of the five things you really should, well, he said “must”, do first thing in the morning. I thought it was a pretty interesting idea. Not saying I do any of them yet it is an interesting concept and maybe I will Continue Reading →