The Gym – To go or not to go?

I got the bill in the mail today. Seems my annual gym membership dues to Las Vegas Athletic Club is due again.

I was trying to remember the last time I went to the gym. I know it has been since I moved to the south side of the valley. I used to go to the gym almost every day when I was up in The Penthouse mid-town. I would go every night after work or after going out to the club and do my aerobics in preparation for Tough Mudder.

tcb stair master workout

I lived on my own so coming home from the gym at 2 or 3am was no big deal as there was no one to disturb. Then the fire at The Penthouse forced me to relocate and I moved in with Brenna at the Art House in the south side of the valley.

I started going to the LVAC in this side of town but I do not like it all that much. Everyone there at this gym seems to have a trainer and be pretty and girls there roll their eyes at me and I am not even looking at them. All I wanna do is go in to the gym and do my workout and not feel judged. It was cool at the other three locations but just this one in the south is bothersome. Probably ’cause it is the more richey rich side of town with people who can afford the later fashion and trainers and all that.

All the guys walk around with their half gallon or often full gallon jugs of water or who knows what they have got in there. It is just intimidating.

gym with jug

Maybe I really just need to work on losing my ego first? Russell Brand said, “Liberate yourself from that idea that people are watching you.” Good idea.

So anyway I decided, after Tough Mudder, which was in October, to take a couple months off from the gym. Not like I am into boxing or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or some other physical hobbies for men or something I need to be super fit for. Anyway, then the fire in November resulted in my relocation. I went to the new LVAC location a few times and then started dragging my feet each morning on my way there. One too many “I’ll just go tomorrow”s turned in to weeks and then into months. They say it only takes 21 days to form a habit. Now it has been a year and I have not used my membership at all.

So the question is do I renew or not? It is even a question at all because I have a smoking deal there as I became a charter member years ago when they broke ground on the gym location near my first house. If someone joins now the dues are $22 per month but I am locked in at $8 as long as I do not let the membership lapse.

In the mean time I have been thinking about coming up with my own exercise plan. It is modeled after a program called LPL by Steve Kamb. It is very easy to start with and gets progressively harder as time goes on. The best parts are it does not involve going to the gym as you can do this routine anywhere and it works on creating exercise as a habit. It only involved two pieces of equipment that you may already have. One is an Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar and the other is a Max Fitness 75cm Exercise Ball but they are not mandatory.

One of the problems with going to the gym or working out is when one does not see immediate results. Another is the soreness associated with jumping right into a workout routine. This work out routine will not bring massive immediate results. It will however get the body used to working out and constantly stressing it to make it stronger. By the end of the cycle maybe you will even have developed the habit of working out and come to enjoy it even more.

That is pretty much the point. Nothing wrong with that right?

I know by now you must be interested to now learn more about this new workout routine that is going to take over the U.S. in the coming year. Click the link to read Part Two where I describe TCB LP2 and be one of the first to try out this new workout.

tcb neutral grip pull up


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171 Replies to “The Gym – To go or not to go?”

  1. Honestly I’ve never had a gym membership, although I have visited one once or twice.

    I try to do my workouts at home. I started with a still tube with concreted paint tins on either end. I then bought a proper barbell, dumb bells and bench press. I have to admit I loved free weights.

    I then bought one of those all in one gym which was pretty cool. I’ve still got them but I stopped working out when I was just too tired from work to work out. I’m now thinking of buying the Total Gym but haven’t made up my mind yet.

    As to whether or not you should renew it. The question is, if you do will you use it?
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  2. Well, I started The Elvis Workout the other day and will keep doing that, at least until Elvis Presley Enterprises sues me.
    I think it is a good idea as it helps to build the habit of working out. Then once I get stronger (again) and see improvements then I will most likely start going to the gym again.
    Still the gym membership is the same price as a CommentLuv unlimited license. 🙂
    Troy recently posted…When Elvis would workout at the gym he would TCB baby!My Profile

  3. If my memory servers me correctly, I think I have been to a gym not more than five times in my whole life. I do my workout at home because of the convenience and I don’t have to spend extra bucks to go there or to renew a membership. As regards to following certain routines or methods for a particular exercise, you can easily find them on Youtube or Google. Thanks for the post anyway! Great job!

  4. Lou Fitness- Physical Fitness: Making Exercise a Habit
    number one reason most people say they don\’t exercise is lack of time. If you find it difficult to fit extended periods of exercise into your schedule, keep in mind that short bouts of physical activity in 10-minute segments will nonetheless help you achieve health benefits. Advises Permuth-Levine, \”Even in the absence of weight loss, relatively brief periods of exercise every day reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.\”
    Lou Fitness recently posted…Lou Fitness Workout MotivationMy Profile

  5. Gym is definitely not for those guys who wants to see immediate results. It takes a lot of time and effort to gain an attractive body. Trainers play the vital role in this case. They need to make the trainee mentally prepared for hard work to gain good results. 🙂

  6. Three time I’ve thought to join gym but last moment I felt discouraged and never went to gym so far. My fitness is okay but when I starts working before my computer for longer period I gain belly fatness.

    I’m planning to go gym again and this time I’m confident and will have my patience to achieve result as long as it takes.
    Michael Mortorano recently posted…6 Top Anti-aging FoodsMy Profile

    • I checked out your website. Good stuff. I look forward to spending more time on it as you have great advice for people like me. Your latest article mentions hydration and 10 other things naturally fit people do. I def need to hydrate more.
      One thing I do that was not mentioned in the article was take the stairs when I can. especially if there is an escalator next to the stairs. Often times the stairs are faster and require little effort but every bit counts.
      Troy S. recently posted…#865 A hot shower on a cold morning warms my heartMy Profile

  7. For me it’s about motivation. The first time I got gym membership, it was because most of my friends were getting it too. I ended up going one 13 times in 6 months.
    Unless I really feel motivated, I won’t be joining gym anytime soon.

  8. I never visited gym. Though I follow gyms all type activity in my home. All the basics like up & down, squats & other workouts. I do not using any exercising equipment so far but yet I’m happy with my current fitness. All I care now improve my stamina while I run for long period, or the football ground. Anyway thanks mate I enjoyed reading your amazing article!!
    Peter Thiel recently posted…Handy Tips for Getting the Best Automobile Insurance QuoteMy Profile

  9. Awesome blog. I enjoyed reading your articles. This is truly a great read for me. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles. Keep up the good work.

  10. Going to the gym can become an expensive habit. There are alternatives to keeping healthy as the gym for me these days is not an option. Eat properly and use natural ingredients when cooking as you will find lots that help with detoxing and enhancing blood flow. Swinning for me is a natural resistance exercise that works all the muscles of the body, increases blood flow and acts as a cardio workout too.
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  11. I think we have to go gym regularly our continuous effort can give a best result & trainer can help how to enhance or power.
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  12. Ongoing gym membership fees and sign-up fees aren’t exactly cheap. Many times, gyms require you to sign up for a yearly membership. If you move or just don’t use the gym membership and want to cancel, you may be slapped with another fee. While equipment and home gyms aren’t always cheap, it’s a one time investment. You pay for the equipment and it’s yours. This can save you money in the long run compared to paying for a monthly gym membership. You could even buy some gently used pieces of equipment at reasonable prices.

    • Yeah, great idea there.
      When I lived in Los Angeles there was a store called Play It Again Sports that sold used sporting goods including items for weight training and other gym equipment. I do not see such a place now in Las Vegas. Perhaps you have one in your town?
      Troy recently posted…Enjoy your here and nowMy Profile

  13. The fiber loaded diet can make you stop eat and gives the sensation of fullness throughout the day But gym is also important for our part of life.

  14. Well, I am fitness dreamer, I dream everyday to have a god Body, and I do exercise, but not for much time, I give only a few minuets to Push Ups and to Sit Ups, apart from this, i never tried anything else,

    But Now, I am looking to increase the number of exercises to tone my full body and also to do them for a longer period of time, to make, I get the benefits out of it. BTW, the post is good one.
    Rickie recently posted…Zappos Black Friday 2015 Deals & SalesMy Profile

  15. I too agree that going to the gym can be intimidating. Especially if you just started going and you don’t have the “gym body” quite yet. When I first went after several years, I felt so uncomfortable. I eventually left and found my happiness in another way. For several months I have been doing and loving the video workout program Focus T25. You can find more about it here:
    I follow the schedule and meal plan to a T and I am loving every second of it! So in my opinion, I for working out, but I don’t necessarily believe in doing workouts at the gym. Doing a video program is just effective.
    Danny Sparks recently posted…Vanilla Shakeology RecipesMy Profile

  16. Hi Troy, I understand how you are feeling right now especially when you see immediate results despite going to the gym. It’s frustrating. You’ll have doubts and even ask yourself what have you done wrong. I have always encouraged people to go to the gym but if there has been no positive results, it is best to consult an expert or perhaps, try another way such as doing home exercises or taking supplements.

    Thanks, Danny

  17. Hii….I find this infos timely and so glad have being loosing weight lately. I’m subscribed to your blog….thanks

  18. Thanks for your article so detail. But i think we have many method to improve our health.
    You can walking in the park, swimming, jogging, ridding bicycle, climbing …
    I used to gym, but i was stop it. I pay many money for it but when i go to gym room, i can not play with my family, can not talk with my wife …
    Anyway, thank you for sharing!

    • Yeah, one does not NEED the gym although it certainly does have advantages. For instance, my gym has a heated pool and a hot tub. Not to mention a sauna so I keep the membership for those alone.
      Troy recently posted…What is a real woman?My Profile

    • Vitamins. I hear both sides of that coin. I suppose it is super hard to eat perfectly and get all the nutrients they say we need. I suppose this is where vitamins and supplements come in handy.
      Point is, as long as we are active, whether at home or the gym or the park or ???, then we are on the right path.
      Thanks for popping round and for your comment
      Troy recently posted…What is a real woman?My Profile

  19. Hey Troy,

    In my opinion, joining a gym completely depends on person to person. The person who has strong will power to become fit can become fit without needing a gym membership.

    And, on the other hand, except lack of will power some people likes to keep good routine by joining a gym that they believe can be maintained by daily visiting a gym and doing workout and moreover by seeing other people craving for being fit. It really motivates.

    And, yes instant results can’t be seen anywhere neither at home nor at gym. You need to work hard to see the desired results.

    Thanks Troy for your article.

    Keep doing this good work. 🙂 🙂
    Jean Boissonneault recently posted…Why not try this spectacular, easy to make Middle Eastern dressing!My Profile

  20. Hi Troy,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I have never heard of Elvis workout before and it seems really effective. I will try that. Although, am not against going to gym as it up to you and how your body responds.

    For some people joining gym proves to be effective, for some doing workout at home and for some taking natural supplements like for weight loss( which is higher in demand in today’s time) and for many other things.

    For me natural supplement and joining a gym worked out. It really depends on person body. And w can’t oppose anyone in that. Now, I would like to try your mentioned workout (elvis).

    Thanks buddy )
    Jane Warnold recently posted…Drinking Water May Accelerate Your Weight LossMy Profile

  21. Hey Troy..
    Well done buddy.. you doing great. I always read your articles. really you are such a nice blogger.
    you always come with new stuff and I love gym. I am having treadmill and recumbent bike in my house itself. I love to stay fit and fine so I also motivate people to do workout because fitness makes man perfect.
    Keep it up buddy..

    Cheerss…. Davide
    David clarke recently posted…Exercise with Schwinn recumbent bikeMy Profile

  22. I wanted more energy. I constantly felt like I was moving at half speed. I needed a product that would build my muscles quick so I would not be embarrassed once I got back in to my routine. In addition, I wanted a supplement that would give me bigger pumps and more strength in a relatively short period of time
    Jery recently posted…Dehydration ProblemsMy Profile

    • Right. That is the only reason I keep a gym membership is for the pool and the bike and rowing machines and the stair climbing machines. I live in Las Vegas and there is a good part of the year when running or anything like that is just not possible.
      Troy recently posted…The World Trade Center flag was stolen!My Profile

    • Oh wow. Crossfit is tough yet the people who do it seem to love it. So god on you! Have a blast and report back and tell us how you like it ok? You rock!
      Troy recently posted…Trying not to tryMy Profile

  23. I hate those who do not go gym and always come up with number of excuses to not to go gym, Its my every time storey lol, I really inspired by the post and the comments and I have decided to register my name at my last gym again 😉 nice post!

  24. very interesting share David 10/10 post. I usually go gym twice a week on random days due to my busy routine, @Laraib well I had the same problem but I somehow manage to join the gym as it is very near to my place and I really feel good after workout 🙂

  25. I feel like gym memberships can be useful, depending on your situation. If you like running, doing exercises with free weights, or don’t exercise very often, a membership might not be worth it for you. However, if you plan to use specialized equipment that you don’t own or want to take a fitness class, then the gym membership might be worth it. I don’t know about your case, though; $8 a month is a pretty tempting rate, but only if you’ll actually use it. Thanks for sharing.

    • That is exactly the thing. They have a pool and a stairmaster and things, like you said, that I do not have at my home. So it is like renting a pool for $8 per month so…
      Thank you for your thoughts and input Hazel. I appreciate your time.
      Troy recently posted…24 hours in DisneylandMy Profile

    • I think it depends on your current levels and goals. There should be a trainer there at the gym who I would consult with.
      Good luck and let us know what you come up with.
      Troy recently posted…Trying not to tryMy Profile

    • That is right. Just getting off the couch and getting active is a big start and most helpful in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
      Best thing though is to not gain unwanted weight in the first place.
      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.
      Troy recently posted…Trying not to tryMy Profile

  26. i strongly beleive that one should hit the gym.thers is always good to do something then nothing.

  27. Just 10 days back joined in a gym for reducing by belly and thinking of reducing my weight also.
    need more motivation.your article is nice and thanks for posting.keep up your work and post more.

  28. ha! Great read!

    For about 3 years, I was signed up to my local gym and probably went on average once a month.

    Regular exercise really is all about a mindstate and I now force myself to get down there at least 3 times a week. Once regular exercise becomes routine and a “good habit”, you will start to feel guilty when you DONT go to the gym.

  29. i prefer not go to gym, what i usually do is keep workout in my backyard with simple equipment. the important is how you can keep your track and motivation. thanks for the post.

  30. Awesome article. What I usually do when I don’t want to go to the gym is I’ll just sit in my sauna from Health Mate. I know it’s incredibly lazy, but It at least gets my heart rate up, blood pumping and circulating, and I still feel pretty good afterwards. I would love to pay $8 a month for my membership, unfortunately I belong to the larger corp 24 Hour Fitness and my dues are $39.95/mo. It’s horrible!

    • Yikes! There are places around my town that are $10 per month…along with $20 sign up and $20 stop-going-fee but much better than $40 if you can find such a place near you. Then again, it does depend on if they have the anemities you need.
      Troy recently posted…The World Trade Center flag was stolen!My Profile

  31. I understand that the gym is not for everyone and depending on your financial situation, it can be expensive and/ or a waste of money. But hear me out, it’s only a waste of money if you’re not using it regularly, using it properly or are bored out of your mind because you’re only running on the treadmill the whole time.

    • Yeah James, I def gotta stay fit or my body may just quit. I like to push it to the max so gotta stay fit.
      Tony Robbins said “You wouldn’t feed a race horse cheap food right?”
      I should work on my diet too.
      Thanks for chiming in James.
      Troy recently posted…Is American Red Cross racist?My Profile

  32. Taking Sauna regularly can be a very good alternative to avoid gym. Sauna can really provides the same benefits that we get from gym, but in a different way. Generally we goes to gym for weight loss, to stay fit etc. Sauna Sessions in regular manner can achieve all these benefits. Apart from those there are lots of sauna benefits , like toxin removals from our body, improve blood circulation, cure arthritis pain etc. Unlike gym sauna also helps us to get more social inside it.

  33. Not sure what you are doing in 2016 I was just reading this. I feel similar to how you describe people at the gym. You mentioned boxing and BJJ. The gym was boring the hell out of me so these are the two things I began training in boxing and BJJ not to compete at a high level, although I do compete in some sport BJJ tournaments from time to time. These two activities not only keep you in shape but after you become somewhat experienced (even 6 months BJJ) you or at least I did begin to realize how silly those people at the gym were. I still go back from time to time because my membership is $10/month and its nothing to keep. But I also bought a treadmill, heavy bag and a few weights for home.
    Jeff recently posted…Answers and specifications – ProForm Performance 300i TreadmillMy Profile

    • I think the people who train MMA or BJJ or boxing or things other than basic gym stuff are indeed a different breed. I think they take their training a bit more seriously and lok at it from a different angle.
      Thanks for your comment Jeff
      Troy recently posted…7 Awesome Books That Changed My LifeMy Profile

  34. I hate the gym. Let’s get that out of the way. They got so expensive. I used to have a gym membership (I only used it once or twice a month though…). I eventually stopped going and cancelled my subscription. Got some surprising charges when I cancelled.

    Anyhows… I now mostly work out from home. I’d sometimes go for a jog with the dog. I bought a couple of fitness equipment and placed them in our spare room. Fits perfectly and I can exercise whenever I want to. That works great for me!
    Charles recently posted…Green Tea Benefits For Weight LossMy Profile

  35. Hi mate, thanks for the article. Can I ask for a professional advice on a sport gear, can you recommend me a good one for a quality bjj gi? Thanks a lot!

  36. Reasons to not go; injury(you could still keep your fitness up depending on the injury), or you are self-disciplined enough to train at home. I always feel better for going to gym. We have all been there, when you’re on the fence and unsure and it’s never an easy decision.

    • Not to mention the time suck. For me it is only a 15 minute drive to the gym but it takes longer for some people. 15 minutes there and back is a half hour or more. I guess I could listen to podcasts but…
      Thanks for chiming in Loren. Peace.
      Troy recently posted…7 Awesome Books That Changed My LifeMy Profile

  37. Hi Troy !
    Awesome ! Its really a positive message for all about Gym. Dear I agree with your point of view. Because Gmy is very important to keep in good health. Although time and money is the fact !
    Overall, for a fit and sound body Gmy is desirable to all. Thanks !

  38. Awesome blog! This was a great article! You got me thinking if I, indeed, should renew my gym membership or not. But, will definitely keep on reading your works! Thank you for sharing this!

  39. My goal this year is to lose 45 lbs. I hope to finally reach my perfect weight and achieve my fitness goals!

  40. I managed to loss 20 kilo in 18 months period. I was eating the half amount and exercising every day. The most important was that I ddin’t eat after 7 in the evening. So my body had almost 12 hours to burn calories.

  41. I always try to make time to go to the gym. It is really important for your body to get the exercise that it needs. In fact, I’ve noticed that when I sit still for too long then my body starts to ache.

  42. Not used a gym so far, always done my exercises at home. But after reading this article, i think I will sign up and start some training at one. Great article. Thank you 🙂

  43. Hi Troy, I have been reading many of your articles and posts. You always say very interesting things. I have an amazon account. I am still trying to get my website up and off the ground. I’m looking for back links now. I have a lot of work ahead of me. Any tips would be appreciated, I don’t have word press. I get emails from you time to time @ interesting stuff people buy. Thanks for all the information on your posts and articles.

  44. I have had many memberships to different gyms, then bought my own home set and tried that, but guess what… I am back at a gym as I am not motivated enough to gym alone at home, it’s more about the companionship and people than just pushing weights.